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I give Allora Senior Living  Home a 5 star rating for the exceptional care the residents receive by each of the caregivers working here and for the home's cleanliness and upkeep.

I am a visiting nurse; I visit several times a week working closely with Ron and Hazel (the main full time cargivers)  at Allora whom we, as a team,  provide extensive care for a mutual resident.

The caregivers provide diverse levels of care within this community according to the individual's functional capabilities as they vary here. Some residents are walking and are highly functional only needing minimal assistance  or supervision while grooming, etc. Others may be limited to sitting up in a chair or are  bedridden requiring more time and extensive care. It is important to know this as your loved one's care needs may change over time and from a first handed viewpoint, the caregivers are trained( and or can be trained). They are capable of providing the help when needed.

I'm impressed with this home. You will encounter a home of encouragement and independence, patience, dignity, and safety here. Allora Senior Living Home provides a warm and inviting environment and above all, superb quality care.  Highly recommended!

Marilyn A. | Aliso Viejo, CA  
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